Our Mission

       To teach leadership skills, teamwork, education preparation, and competitive sportsmanship to at-risk youths.


What We Do


    Our team operates as a non-profit that focuses on three major aspects of a student athlete: education planning, athletic training, and strength and conditioning.  Academics are led by Alex Park, who generously comes to us on behalf of his company "food for thought" which specializes in college planning.  They help our young student athletes develop strategies and a plan to apply and prepare for higher learning opportunities.  Our team has a five step planning process that can be formulated over any time period.  These plans are tailored specifically to each student and their personal academic goals.  We work closely with our student athletes in identifying goals, finding scholarships or applying for aid.  BadDawg Club works with each athlete to prepare for exams, essays and SAT's.  We also provide access to tutors thus allowing for continued improvement in grades, maintenance of GPA's, and class rank which are all very important aspects when applying for higher learning, colleges or universities. 



    We approach athletics in a similar manor that we create a plan, help athletes identify goals, and strive to accomplish those goals.  Our team of former college athletes help guide these youths to obtain the highest athletic competition.  Constant training, drilling and learning helps all athletes to complete smaller goals on their road to reaching peak performance.  Our true purpose is to teach our students to use the guided tools of athletics as an instrument to become successful, hard-working adults with an outstanding work ethic and thought process. 



    With our own personal trainer on staff, Garrison Pollock, who spent his college days on the gridiron at North Carolina State, works tirelessly to put together a strength and conditioning program specific to an athletes sport.  We spend time with each student, showing them the proper technique in doing exercises and intensity of their training to optimize their efforts.  With a solid nutritious diet we strive to help our athletes to burn energy efficiently, prevent injury and minimize recovery time.